Why Choose Purdue?

Before I get too much into talking about how awesome Purdue is and can’t stop myself, I want to introduce myself to all the prospective students who may be reading this. A bit about me, let’s go. My name is Reagan Lear, and I am a staggering 5’1” sophomore, new to Purdue’s HHS Ambassadors this year. I am currently training to be in the WNBA (highly recruited for my tall stature) and the 2016 Olympic Trials for high jump. . . Obviously kidding, but truthfully now; my fun for the summer came when I took a 3,601 mile road

trip across the northwestern/western United States with my family, and a trip to Disney World with my boyfriend and his family (both of which resulted in their own GoPro videos). While at home, I was a nanny to a family with two young boys, so I now can attest that patience is indeed a virtue. Aside from my travels this summer, I hail from a town called O’Fallon, Illinois, about 20 minutes east of the wonderful city of St. Louis, Missouri (the Arch and the Cardinals make me quite the proud resident). Due to my father’s service in the United States Air Force for 26 years, I have lived all over the world (Japan, Alaska, etc.) and have visited even more places than I’ve lived (much of the United States, and countries including China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and so on). So after going to all of these places, what was so different about Purdue that I was enticed enough to live in the middle of the corn fields of Indiana? For starters, the people of Purdue, whether professors, students, alumni, or donors, gush with school spirit. On every visit to Purdue, I recognized this general excitement that was

unlike energy I had ever experienced. The campus was bustling, and yet it still felt small enough to feel like home. Secondly, the academics are challenging, but being challenged is the coolest part of growing up. As the freshmen learn to function without mom and dad, a large part of the “growing up and changing” that occurs for most in their first year stems from learning how to work for what you want to earn. So that’s a good place to start for the year, I guess? I’ve got my (unrealistic) aspirations to be in the WNBA, my summer, my background, and most importantly, my never-ending list of reasons why I cannot see myself at any school other than Purdue. I’ll stop here for now since I’ve just written enough to match the length of the final Harry Potter book.

— Reagan Lear, Sophomore, Movement and Sport Sciences

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