Most Importantly – Get Involved!

I get asked quite often what advice I would give to prospective students of Purdue. I always used to say that they should work hard and do what they need to do in order to succeed. It wasn’t until recently that I thought hard about this question and came up with a much better answer. I now think that the single most important thing you can do in college is to get involved in as many different ways as possible.

At a large university, one can be easily overwhelmed. There are so many clubs to join, options for Greek life, jobs to apply for, and labs to work in. There are also sporting events, of course. How do you decide what to do with your spare time? Speaking from personal experience, I think the best thing you can do is try it all. I have been in a knitting club and adopted a grandparent. I have worked in a couple research laboratories and in several different departments on campus. I’ve attended a few games. I even rushed a gender inclusive honor fraternity. It sounds like a lot to do in my less than 3 years on campus, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. All of the experiences I had really allowed me to find my place here. I have met and been able to work with so many amazing people.

Getting involved allows you to meet such a diverse population of people. When I look back at all of the things I have done here, most of it would have not been possible if I hadn’t explored my options outside the classroom. I know that when I graduate next year, I will bring these memories and connections with me.

— Alyssa Walther, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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