Off to a running start!

Summer was great! I spent it as a camp counselor for 9-11 year olds! So basically I got paid to paint, bake cookies, have water balloon fights, and swim everyday. It’s a rough life- but someone has to live it! The highlight of camp this summer was definitely throwing darts at paint-filled water balloons (inspired by Princess Diaries of course!) Sept Blog

But now I’m back at Purdue, and we’ve definitely hit the ground running! I’m in four different Speech, Language and Hearing classes and a Spanish Literature class for my minor. In addition, I’m working in the Purdue Infant Speech lab a couple hours each week. To top it all off, I’ve already had three exams!

I’m excited for all my extracurriculars to start! My favorite organization on campus that I’m involved in is College Mentors for Kids. This organization pairs college students with underprivileged youth in the surrounding area. The goal of the program is to get the kids excited about higher education, careers, community service, and culture and diversity!

While it sounds like a lot, the truth is that I love being busy! I’m excited for all the great opportunities that this year at Purdue has to offer!

Boiler up!

— Jordan Meenan, Junior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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