I miss summer, but glad to be back!

My summer consisted of spending the weekends at my lake house in Michigan and working on the weekdays. Summer is my favorite season, soaking up the sunshine and spending time with friends and family. About three weeks before school started I was so excited to be back at Purdue and start my junior year of college! Oh how time flies!

Since classes have started up, I have been doing a variety of fun events. Tailgating and going to sporting events is my favorite. You can balance school and fun on the weekends. Just this past weekend I stayed in Friday and worked on all the homework I had. On Saturday, I tailgated then went to the football game. I was with friends and family all day and had a blast! Later that night I hung with friends and went to see a movie. Sunday was a relaxation day and time for me to get ready for the next week of classes.

Every college student deserves to have fun. Yes, school should come first but that does not mean you have to stay in 24/7 and not get to experience Purdue and its amazing campus. If you’re a freshman, join a club or get involved with a sorority or fraternity. Make your college years a time to remember!

Emma-Leigh Foster, Sophomore, Public Health

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