Big Ten Sporting Events at Purdue

September blogOne of my favorite Purdue traditions is the sporting events especially in the fall. I am a huge fan of football and volleyball, so being able to attend these events at a Big 10 school is my favorite part of being a Boilermaker. You know it’s a game day when the Boilermaker Special is honking its horn before 8am across campus. The intramural fields are filled with RV’s, tents, corn-hole, and plenty of food! It truly is the most wonderful time of year.

Purdue makes student tickets cheap and easy to buy, even right on your phone. There is nothing quite like the student section on football Saturdays, and you learn the cheers very quick. Even though our football team is not putting “W’s” on the board, they are making progress. Despite a win or loss, the student section is a great, unifying experience, especially when we all sing “Hail Purdue.”

Along with football and tailgates, girl’s volleyball is a great event to check out! I never realized how intense and enjoyable the matches are to watch! We have some very talented players who are going to take the team far this season. I cannot wait to attend a game over the weekend. Attending Purdue sporting events makes me feel like a true Boilermaker, and they are one of my favorite parts of fall on campus.

— Courtney Oare, Junior, Radiological Health Science

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