Study Abroad in Greece

Thessaloniki 1This summer I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad with Purdue. I am in a program for first generation college students called Horizons, and every year they take a group abroad during Maymester. This year the trip was to Greece! As long as I can remember, I had wanted to visit Greece, so when I found out this is wheThessaloniki 2re they were going; I knew I had to be a part of this trip. We spent 2 weeks in Thessaloniki, a week in Athens, and a weekend on the island Cyprus. While I was there I got to dive head first into the rich Greek culture. We got to visit museums, ruins, and amazing restaurants. I even got to hike Mt. Olympus!

It really opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities that we have by going to Purdue. I never thought that I would be able to stuMt  Olympusdy abroad because of the high price tag on many trips, but we are lucky enough to go to a school that provides a great deal of financial help when it comes to studying abroad. I got a taste for traveling, and now I know that there are tons of different scholarships just for studying abroad, I would love to go again. You not only get to study in a whole new country, you also get to make great friends and have life long memories. I know I will never forget my time in Greece, and it is all because of my choice to come to Purdue.

— Courtney Emerick, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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