Halfway Done!

It seems like this fall semester has gone by fast, as we’re already halfway done! As October break quickly approaches at Purdue, many students, including me, are looking forward to some much-needed days off from academics and their day-to-day school schedules. As a student in the College of Health and Human Sciences, however, I still need to keep my schoolwork and studying in check over the break. Along with many other HHS majors at Purdue, there always seems to be a constant cycle of studying. But to me, this is what makes HHS students at Purdue some of the best and most hardworking! Even though we do have a break coming up, many HHS students, including myself, are still diligently preparing for projects, exams, and assignments that are in the near future after break. HHS students may tend to get overwhelmed in order to get everything done before break that they need to. Here at Purdue, there are many resources that can be utilized for HHS students to stay on top with their schoolwork. Professors, TA’s, help and review sessions, and open lab hours are all great resources that I have utilized to keep chugging along with my dietetics coursework. Also, there are many great stress relieving activities on campus that can help you get through your busy days. For me, I discovered Zumba over the summer in my hometown of Bettendorf, Iowa. Last weekend, I actually tried Zumba here on campus at the CoRec for the first time, which was awesome! Even though HHS students are super hardworking and dedicated to their studies, everyone needs a well-deserved break so that they can return ready to conquer the last half of the semester!

— Lauren Zust, Senior, Dietetics

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