Greek Life at Purdue

Today, September 29th, marks the 6th week that I have been living in a real life fraternity house. I never saw myself as the “type” to live in a fraternity house, or even to join one, but here I am. I came to Purdue not really knowing what I wanted to get involved in or what extracurricular from high school I wanted to continue. My whole life before always rallied around which sport was in season at the time – whether it was volleyball, baseball, or basketball. It seemed like I was either practicing, playing, or traveling to games. I loved playing sports but I knew playing in college wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. When I first came to Purdue I would go to class and go back to Tarkington and my free time was mainly playing video games in my friend’s rooms. I started to realize that I wanted to do more, and I wanted to be more. I came to Purdue from the Chicagoland area with one close friend who decided to go Greek and join the fraternity his dad was a part of back in the 80’s. Our semester went completely different. I wasn’t having much fun, like I said, I went to class and then played video games. While he was out and about making new friends, going to formals and dances, playing intramurals with his new brothers and really experiencing all the aspects of college that I wanted to get involved with. After first semester he finally convinced me to give it a try. I didn’t really know what to do or what to expect. My first rush event I met so many great people and I realized the members were a lot like me. When they were freshmen, they had the same worries about joining one. Their parents were nervous too, like many of them are. My parents were actually supportive and thought it would be good for me, and they were right. I decided to join and I met so many amazing people in the first few weeks and it’s been that way ever since. After my new member training I was able to become an active member before summer. When given the opportunity to live in I was very apprehensive. Most people perception of living in a fraternity house reverts to the movie “Animal House”. With most things in life, it’s not like the movies. The way people in Greek life put it, “I get to live in a mansion with sixty of my best friends.” I know what you’re thinking, sixty college guys under one roof?! It works, it’s not crammed, and we all respect each other and their property. We have a chef for our meals. We all pitch in to clean. We make it a great place to live and I can see myself living in a fraternity for the rest of my days at Purdue.

— Matt Zyburt, Sophomore, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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