It’s Always Good to Take a Break

This year for October/Fall break my sister (a freshman here at Purdue), my mom, and I took a little trip to Chicago for the weekend after spending two days back in Carmel. This little getaway was perfect and was exactly what my sister and I both needed after weeks full of assignments, exams, and club meetings.

Candy FactoryWe left on Sunday (10/11/15) to head to the city. On the way in we stopped at the Science and Industry Museum to use our annual membership. Afterwards we drove to Navy Pier to walk around and eat at Bubba Gump’s. The next day we spent the day walking around Chicago and shopping. That night we checked out the House of Blues for dinner. The live entertainmentField Museum was awesome and such a cool experience to have while we were eating dinner. Our last day (10/13/15) was spent at the Field Museum to use our other annual membership. Before we left the city we went to Giordano’s to eat traditional Chicago deep-dish pizza. What’s a trip to Chicago without eating pizza? On our way back to Purdue, we made a quick stop at the Albanese candy factory to end our little getaway. Now it’s time to focus again on projects and exams.

— Jordan Raver, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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