Be My Guest!

I always knew growing up that I wanted to make a living making people happy. I’ve always had a passion to entertain and inspire people, and I also grew up close with my family—we’ve always loved to spend time together, travel, and make memories. I had always wondered if there was a way to give memories and experiences to others for a career. As a Hospitality and Tourism Management major, I get to do that every single day.

Ieventplannern HTM, you’re not just selling a product to guests. You’re selling an entire experience! Think about any time you’ve ever traveled, attended an event, or even simply gone out for dinner with your friends. Each one of those activities is an experience. HTM gives students an opportunity to create an experience that someone has never had before. It’s unique, it’s fast paced, and it’s so much fun!

I’ve had so many amazing job opportunities since starting my career at Purdue. I’ve worked in hotels, restaurants, and this past summer I had two amazing internships with event companies; through these jobs I’ve been able to meet so many people, learn all aspects of the business, and be a part of so many fun events. I get to help put on weddings, receptions, dinners, and corporate events in Indianapolis! I’m able to help coordinate details of event decorations, practice providing elite customer service through fine dining in events, and facilitate those special atmospheres to provide the best experience I possibly can for my guests. I even got to coordinate and operate suites at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indianapolis 500 race events!

In HTM the career possibilities are endless. I’ve loved taking the time in college to work with many different companies to gain lots of experience and find the perfect fit for me.

— Ellie Boyer, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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