Homecomings, Farmer’s Markets, and Professional Events, all in one month!

It’s a crisp, autumn afternoon and I couldn’t love it more! Fall is my very favorite season on campus. Sweaters. Boots. Football. Colorful leaves. It’s just the best!

The semester is definitely in full swing. I mean, it is mid-October, so that’s expected. October Break was just last week. I can’t believe it! That means that Thanksgiving and… *gasp*… Christmas… are coming up, and coming up fast!

Doesn’t she look great?!

Before break, I was able to make a quick trip home and help my sister get ready for her first Homecoming! So fun! That’s one of the great things about going to school relatively close to home. I’m just far enough to have some space and independence, BUT I’m close enough to make a weekend trip home and actually spend some time at home.

Two of my favorite fall events on campus are the farmer’s market and Starry Night. The Purdue Farmer’s Market is so much fun to walk through. I’m a sucker for fresh produce and flowers, so the Farmer’s Market is totally my happy place. Starry Night is put on by one of the churches on campus, Campus House. Campus House and Grey House team up and basically close down the streets on Chauncey Hill and have vendors, artists, bands, and crafts all over the place. It’s so much fun to get out of the room, enjoy the lovely fall weather, and get a look at all of the amazing talent here at Purdue.


Can’t resist farm-fresh flowers. Is there anything better?]

Starry NightI had a much-needed, uneventful October Break. It was perfect! Cooler weather, high school football game, mom’s cooking, and sleeping in.

My brother is in his first year of marching band. He’s a trumpet player, and he absolutely LOVES it. I hurried home on Friday after classes so I could make it in time for his half-time performance at the high school football game. It was so good! I’m so glad I got to see him perform. I definitely got my big-sister-pride on.

My sister, me, my brother, and my boyfriend (also a trumpet player, here at Purdue!) before the band took the field. It was great to see him play!

My sister, me, my brother, and my boyfriend (also a trumpet player, here at Purdue!) before the band took the field. It was great to see him play!

While my October Break was pretty uneventful, I did have one big thing going on… The Women’s Advisors Forum in downtown Chicago. It’s usually for professionals currently in the financial planning field, but I decided (or my dad made me, same difference) to try my luck and see if they would let me go. And they did! I was not that thrilled about going, but that morning, I drove to the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Chicago and got my networking on. And, it was a great experience! I talked with tons of women who are doing exactly what I want to do, I listened in on seminars that focused on being a female professional in the field, and even got to talk with some advisors about internship opportunities. One of the things I was most surprised by was the professional’s reactions to the program here at Purdue. When I told them my major, the CFP Board Certified program, and that I would graduate with the requirements to take the CFP, they were so impressed! This program is one that is not to be messed with. Being 22, graduated from a top tier university, and having the ability to take the CFP? The whole package. Not a program to be missed, people! 😉 🙂

Hopefully the semester is going well for everyone. As always, BOILER UP!

— Ally Ylo, Junior, Financial Counseling and Planning

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