Celebrity Sightings!

When you’re a Boilermaker, every day is an adventure. There are so many fun activities you can be a part of around campus when you’re not in class. My friends and I love to get involved in the amazing opportunities Purdue offers its students, and the past couple activities we have pcelebrity sightings 1articipated in have included some famous faces!

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I got to attend a Hunter Hayes concert at the Elliott Hall of Music! Hunter was performing his “21 Tour” in celebration of his new album, The 21 Project. We had a blast—the show was so energetic and fun! Hunter is a talented artist; he’s truly a rock star when performing live. We were dancing all night long to his new music and his classic songs, and he even performed an encore wearing a Purdue hat, which I thought was the perfect touch! Here is a picture of my friends and I after the show (I’m on the right!) master hiphop

A few nights later, a couple of my girlfriends and I attended a free master hip-hop dance class at our rec center hosted by Jeffrey Page. Jeffrey is an Emmy Award nominated chorographer that has created dances for MTV Music Awards, BET Awards, Fox, and Beyoncé. YES. You read that correctly. He is Beyoncé’s choreographer! The class was such an awesome workout and I loved learning more about hip-hop, funk, and soul through dance. Of course, after the class we had to take a picture giving our fiercest poses. I got to learn some of Beyoncé’s dance moves from the man who taught them to her. Checking that one off my bucket list!

— Ellie Boyer, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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