What Will November Bring at Purdue?

I cannot believe October is already over! This semester is going by so quickly, and I still have a lot to look forward to. Midterms have finished up and now is the time to get back to balancing school, work, clubs, and relationships. Midterm week (or sometimes weeks for some people) is all about school and studying, so other commitments are put on the back burner for a little bit. I like to have the “Purdue Work Day” setup for myself, not that I always stick to it, but it tends to help me accomplish a lot of my tasks and not stress out. I schedule time for school and studying for all day 7-5, then comes time for dinner and meetings after. I live in Hilltop Apartments, which is a nice in-between for on campus living and apartment style living, therefore I decided to opt out of a meal plan this year. I have been enjoying cooking and trying new recipes for myself, but it helps to have a job that feeds well.

Last week I was able to invite a friend from home, which is Portage, Indiana for me, to come see Hunter Hayes with me! I saw Hunter a few years back, but these seats were better and the fact that he came to Purdue made it much more special of an experience! For his encore he even wore a Purdue hat the whole time. My phone doesn’t take the best photos, but it was something I won’t forget.

exploration acresThat same week, I was able to organize an event for my building that I live in. I am a senator in my res hall club, so I can propose events and budgets that get voted on by the whole council. The event I helped put on was a trip to Exploration Acres, which is here in West Lafayette that has corn mazes and other fall activities. I didn’t know most of the people too well before I went, but I am so happy I went anyways! It was a blast going through the maze, which had coupons to some of my favorite places to eat and shop, and hanging out with my fellow Hilltop residents.

Homecoming is this weekend, which means Purdue will be even more lively than usual with a lot of alumni coming back and tons of events going on. I am excited to see what November will bring!

— Gabriela Olguin-Flores, Sophomore, Dietetics

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