It’s Turkey Time

As Thanksgiving approaches, Purdue HHS students like me are working hard to get all of their work done so that they can enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Although we don’t get the entire week off and still have classes on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, it seems like the workload is still continuing. As a senior HHS student, I did not decide to leave campus early and skip Monday and Tuesday classes like most students, mostly because I have an exam and a lab this week. However, many professors do decide to cancel class or give extra credit for showing up during Thanksgiving week, which is always a plus for any HHS student at Purdue! With just two weeks left after Thanksgiving break until finals are upon us, it seems like this semester has gone by in the blink of an eye. Even though the weather is getting colder and it has already snowed in West Lafayette, the holidays are always my motivation to get through my studying so that I can reward myself with a well-deserved Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. Also, it is nice for Purdue students who are on campus over Thanksgiving to come and see the Purdue vs. IU game that is at Purdue this year on the Saturday of Thanksgiving week. As a member of the marching band, my break is cut a little short because I have to perform at the game, but this healthy rivalry is always super exciting to watch! Being a Purdue student, the holiday season provides a great amount of much-needed motivation for me knowing that I will be able to spend time with family when my hard work at school is done. Happy Thanksgiving Boilers!

-Lauren Zust, Senior, Dietetics

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