Christmas Traditions at Purdue!

December quote

It’s December! I’m a Florida girl, so I hate winter… but on a scale of 1 to Buddy the Elf, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

It snowed super early on campus this year! We got about 3 inches the week before Thanksgiving. This is my first year I’ve had a car on campus so clearingDecember blog 1 my windshield for the first time was… quite the experience. But I did it!

My favorite things about the Christmas season are the traditions I make with my friends and family. During my freDecember blog 2shman year, one of my super talented hall mates made these awesome and very detailed paper snowflakes. My roommate and I have hung them from our ceiling for three years now! In addition, my apartment is decked out with three Christmas tDecember blog 3rees and lights everywhere!

One of the organizations I’m involved with on campus, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSHLA), had a holiday party where we made these adorable snowmen out of socks filled with rice! It was a great opportunity to celebrate Christmas with the girls in my major!

– Jordan Meenan, Junior, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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