Winter at Purdue is a beautiful thing

One of my favorite things about being at Purdue in the winter is the first snow. To me, this is the first transition into winter. Each year on the day of the first snow, I always have to wear one of my ugly Christmas sweaters, but of course to me they aren’t ugly at all. Winter at Purdue is a beautiful thing. Although it’s cold and not the most fun to walk to class, there are so many things to do. Just because we are in college doesn’t mean that we are too old to make snowmen, snow angels, and to have an amazing snowball fight! And of course it’s not a winter at Purdue without completing the tradition of sledding down Slater Hill.

After all the fun outside, my friends and I like to warm up inside by having some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. There’s so many great things that we are able to do with our friends during the winter months. Each December the Purdue Musical Organizations always but on an amazing Christmas show that you can’t miss! There’s also the Christmas tree in the Purdue Memorial Union and the gingerbread house making competition. There’s so many ways to enjoy the holidays and this great season at Purdue.

— Courtney Emerick, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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