A New Year, a New Semester

So it has officially been a week since I have been back on campus. I always love the first week of semesters. It’s a time where you can catch up with old friends and even have the possibility of meeting some new friends in the classes that you have signed up to take for the semester. Speaking of classes, it’s also time for you to decide if you signed up for the right classes or the wrong ones.

I’m taking 17 credit hours this semester and after having been to all of my classes this past week, I can say that I am pretty excited for all of them. My three personal favorites currently are two beverage management classes that I am taking through the  Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) department where you get certified to serve alcohol and get to learn more about the different types of alcoholic beverages through learning about sections of beer, wine, and spirits. In each of these sections we will be doing tastings and food pairings with tastings. The last class that I am excited for is a culture and cuisine study abroad class also administered through the HTM department. This spring break I will be traveling to Belgium and Luxembourg for the week to learn all about their culture and how their cuisines fit into their different cultures.

Of course, there are also exciting events that keep the ambassadors busy throughout the spring semester. My personal favorites are those events where we have the chance to talk to the new admitted students about life at Purdue and to show them what their college experience could look like when they visit campus. You can be sure that I signed up to help with a lot of those events! Boiler Up!

— Jordan Raver, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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