Baby It’s Cold Outside!

After a much needed and restful winter break, second semester at Purdue is back in full swing for the HHS students. Since this is my last semester before I graduate, I have been inundated with many more projects for my classes than I am used to from previous semesters. I know it will be a lot of work, but it will be a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with my peers within the Nutrition Science Department on my projects throughout my final semester. The cold weather is definitely settling in at Purdue as well! Not too many students are fond of it, but with the right winter gear any student can be prepared for the worst! Being from Iowa I am used to the cold, but still dislike having to walk to class when the temperature is 20 below zero. However, Purdue students know that once they get through the chilly winter months, spring break will soon arrive! Being a senior in the College of Health and Human Sciences and this being my last semester, I definitely have motivation to get through the winter months so that graduation will soon be here. For all the other HHS students at Purdue, I think that trekking through the winter months builds a lot of character and each day is just one day closer to summer break and warm weather!

–Lauren Zust, Senior, Dietetics

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